The WOOVE- the next big thing!

I wrote this over a month ago and this was originally posted at my old Reality Crackhouse January 19, 2012 entitled Reality Merkins .  Since it’s been such a heavy week of serious blogs, I figured we could use a laugh so I decided to bring it over here too…

Cindy Beavershop announced her own line of merkins this week. 

A merkin is a pubic wig. Yes, the Beave has decided to market a product that waxes you bare down there and then replaces the natural hair with a decorative cover.  BRILLIANT and Bravo!

Inspired by the Beave, I decided to design a line of Merkins based on reality show stars named

 WOOVE- Woo with a Weave

I had a glue gun and feathers, so I got right to work. 

 I’m wearing a prototype and I have to say that not only does it tickle, but I have surprised my Gyno, an ultrasound technician and my husband this week with my new “flare” down there!

Here’s the Hairy Cohen inspired by Bravo’s Andy Cohen (also available in the Ramona)


Here’s The BigVag  inspired by the Boss of Mobwives’ Big Ang.

It comes with insertion stem and security pin.


Here’s The Pinky aka The Vagerpump inspired by Lisa Vanderpump.

Here’s The IlluminatedSlutPig inspired by Brandi Glanville, the light of RHOBH this season.


This is the Joo-dichay inspired by the ever fashionable Teresa Giudice.

Every skinny girl needs a skinny merkin inspired by Bethenny Frankel.

In an effort to appease PETA since they got so mad at the Beave for using real feathers in her line,

I’m thinking ahead….

This is the Plastic inspired by Adrienne Maloof. 


What do y’all think, do I have a chance in making it big with the Woove?? 

(Thanks google images)


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